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The Ultimate Holiday Workshop will show you my proven exact systems to absolutely skyrocket your sales!

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And Learn My Unique Strategies That Will Attract Unbelievable Sales To You Online For The Best Holiday Selling Season Yet!

Do you want to SKYROCKET your sales this holiday season for your network marketing, home-party or direct sales business?

And do you wish someone could give you a detailed, simple game plan to follow?

If so, STOP here and read this because this is for YOU.

The Ultimate Holiday Workshop is going to show you the perfect online strategies to EFFECTIVELY MARKET and SELL YOU PRODUCTS from behind a computer this holiday season.

This will not be another workshop that shows you how to wrap your gifts cute like a reindeer and then host an in person open house. NO. It won't be that at all.

Because, we are in a different time. And because, that doesn't reach a broad audience. And because, open houses limit your viewing audience. Your success is dependent on who shows up. And because, wrapping hundreds of gifts is time-consuming and down-right exhausting.

And, let's be honest, we are in a different world this year. This past year has changed the way we do business.

You see, here's a little insider secret for you...when YOU know how to MARKET & SELL ONLINE you will crush your holiday selling season. And you'll be able to apply these selling strategies throughout the year to dramatically change the results you've been getting.

Marketing matters. It matters so much that I feel a keen obligation to show you how to do it correctly. And, in the world we are in today, marketing has become the most important part of the process

Yes, MARKETING is the most important part of the process

You need to know how to appropriately create the buzz, create anticipation, excite your audience, correctly market your products and close those sales.

So, that is what you are going to learn.

And, you'll be learning from a 17-year network marketing leader who always crushed her holiday sales and did 90% of those sales with a variety of online strategies. And, the best part, is you won't learn just ONE strategy to get results.

You Can Apply All Year To Maximize Your Holiday Sales

Meaning, you'll be learning lots of different strategies you can implement to generate results.

I am your holiday workshop trainer and I am SO EXCITED to talk marketing with you. After all, I was a marketing major and this stuff gets me SO EXCITED.

You see, over the years, I've attended over 20 holiday workshop training sessions, only to learn how to wrap the gifts and make them look cute. But there was one thing missing...

How to actually SELL & MARKET those adorably wrapped items.

Knowing how to wrap gifts and make them look cute is a great skill to have. But, when you have spent a solid 90 hours wrapping and prepping for an open house, only to have it result in dismal sales, it can be downright deflating.

And, I know this because I've been there. I've hosted flopped open houses time and time again.

I saw they weren't attending for a variety of reasons: They were too busy. They would forget. They didn't want to drive the distance. The store was simple and more convenient for them to grab things on the go. They didn't want to be in a strangers house. They felt totally overwhelmed with their holiday to-do list.

And seeing these excuses play out and seeing few people attend my open houses, I knew there must be a better way. And I thought, "Why don't I make it easy for them. Why don't I reach them where they are?"

So, I did. I started to reach that audience online.

AND that's when things changed in a HUGE way for me around the holidays. Gone were the days of wrapping adorable gifts for weeks prior to the open house.

I spent tons less time and using online strategies, my holiday sales were always higher than any other time during the year.

Because, with my new strategy, I knew how to reach a broader audience and I knew how to market my products directly to this audience online.

So, this holiday workshop will show you the exact systems I utilized over the holidays that changed everything for me.

Here's What You'll Get Inside The Ultimate Holiday Workshop

  EMAIL MAGIC: You'll be handed over the best emails to send with direction on when to send them to maximize your selling on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and through the month of December.

  TEXT WIZARDRY: You'll get access to the magical text sequences to follow-up and close sales over and over again.

  FACEBOOK HOLIDAY GROUP: You'll learn how to set-up and optimize your VIP Holiday Selling Facebook group so you can be a selling machine. And you'll also get access to our Facebook Community of almost 1,000 holiday sellers who have taken this workshop and you can collaborate and share ideas!

  ONLINE POSTS: You’ll be given the secret posting strategy that works to get more eyes on your products.

  REFERRALS GALORE: You'll receive bonus training that will show how to exponentially grow your customer list by enlisting the help of your current friends and clients online.

  RECRUITING MACHINE: You’ll even receive bonus training on how to recruit during the holiday season.

  HOLIDAY WORKSHOP WORKBOOK: You'll get a resource workbook to implement what you learn during the workshop.

The Ultimate Holiday Workshop will show you the exact systems I utilized over the holidays that changed everything for me. It's intended to absolutely skyrocket your sales with my proven strategies.

Total Value: $1,491

Normal Price: $197

Today Only: $97

Even though this is the first ever Beautifully Branded Bootcamp...

Just Look At Some Of The Results These Systems Have Produced!

This Workshop Is intended to absolutely skyrocket your sales with my proven strategies!

And it’s guaranteed.

If you don’t feel like after applying everything you learned, just message my office in the first week of January and ask for a refund. We just ask that you provide evidence you actually attended and applied what was learned in the workshop.

That’s how confident I am. When you do this stuff, it works very well.

And more importantly, the strategies have been PROVEN to WORK.

So, if you’re looking to:

  Increase your sales this holiday season and reach a new broader audience online

  Experience a truly debt-free holiday season

  Feel excited, rejuvenated and proud of your success

  Put more money in your bank account so you can have abundant choices this year

Then, you’ll love this.

And this workshop is designed for ULTRA-BUSY people. And so if you are ultra-busy and you just need a simple plan, you can print the workbook and utilize the ideas instantly.

And, if you are a very DETAILED person and you like to be walked through the entire process, you will get access to the replays of my very FUN and INFORMATIVE LIVE Videos inside the lifetime access membership area.

You will also receive an incredibly detailed, printable holiday workbook with valuable, scripts, strategies & programs to get results FAST & EASILY.

The Ultimate Holiday Workshop will show you the exact systems I utilized over the holidays that changed everything for me. It's intended to absolutely skyrocket your sales with my proven strategies.

Total Value: $1,491

Normal Price: $197

Today Only: $97

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12 Days of Deals

Extended Until The End Of Christmas Day! 


12 Days of Deals

Extended Until The End Of Christmas Day!


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